The first thing I’m going to comment on is why the fuck are her nipples poking through her jacket?! Even DR’s more ‘fanservicy’ characters aren’t drawn like that, not even in their bathing suits. Good god, woman.

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Reblog promo for a great OC/ writing advice/ mary sue blog!


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One of the most important things when choosing a face claim for your role play OC is choosing something fitting. 

Choosing Stocking, who has two hair colors and a modern gothic lolita style, would be a bad choice for an OC that’s supposed to go into the historical fantasy setting of Fire Emblem. Go look at Final Fantasy characters or something, don’t use something so modern looking…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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My lords and ladies, today I present to you a choice specimen. This OC is from Fire Emblem PoR/RD (though she probably was initally made for Smash Bros. instead), and has appeared on other MS blogs prior to this, resulting in a shitstorm and (though begrudgingly) a reform. Now, if said reform made her less of a Mary Sue she wouldn’t be here, but here we are anyway.

You don’t need to have any prior understanding to this series, other than it’s a turn-by-turn based strategy game, and characters come in the form of classes that conform to uniform designs and standard weapon counts/movements within a turn. With the sole exception of final bosses and the main protagonist, everyone is seemingly normal and are statistically balanced. The challenge in each of the games is to make the best out of your soldiers (dubbed as units) and bring down your enemies through strategy. Unless you’re playing on lower levels, it’s impossible for one-man-armies to exist. Your enemies are often as strong as you are, and going alone is suicide…

…But that doesn’t seem to be so, not with this Sue, who stylizes herself as the ‘Queen of the Swords’, despite not being of royal blood. Often she is depicted cutting down mountains of bodies with no explanation of whom or where they came from, or for her reason to do so, save to show off the fact she’s extremely, superbly strong. Do note that these are open starters for others to reply to, and her dialogues are either her boasting her strength, or looking down on the already-existing Crimean Queen Elincia, despite the latter being canonly one of the best rulers Tellius has ever seen. Akane’s reason for disrespecting Elincia (e.g., by not referring to her by a title despite not belonging to any other social status herself, seeing that her own ‘queenly’ title is all but name) is based on being raised knowing that royals are served everything they want. That excuse can fly for only so long, since Elincia canonly fights and bleeds alongside them, amongst other respect-worthy feats throughout the story. Akane has quoted to ‘have done more than any royal can ever do’, despite her story lacking any elements to top Elincia, save for her pre-established mastery with the sword, and still disrespects the Crimean Queen all the same in her interactions. Hey, we all can’t be caught with the same title, eh? Because having same titles are totally like getting caught in a party with the same dress. Eew.

As all Mary Sues, they completely miss the point of the whole series and in this case, Akane places herself within her universe as even more popular than the main character (also her pet squeeze), Ike, himself by being so well-known the masses call her a ‘queen’, while Ike is merely known as ‘The Hero of Blue Flames’. Mind you, that only happened after two whole fucking games’ worth of achievements. 

This RP OC’s posts that contain nothing other than sneering at other canon characters for being perpetually inferior to her standing, or to /kill off said canon characters with little to no provocation. A favourite of hers to torment and terrorize is FE: Awakening’s Lucina. Yes, Lucina, only because she simply looks like Akane, swings a holy sword and is a genuine female sword-wielding royal. (You can imagine the burn when Lucina got confirmed for Smash. Haha.) Then there’s also her being snappy at Soren, probably because he’s the closest person to Ike in canon. She’ll hang onto the excuse that her character was possessed by a dark Goddess who compells the darkness inside of her to rise, and to go on murderous rampages. Surprisingly enough, very little RP partners actually stick through those threads, because the only option is to be dramatically killed, mary-sue style.


Oh, and she does a large share of bragging that Main Protag-Mercenary Ike is her one and true love, through ways of shippy art, and porn. There’s virtually nothing wrong with any canon/oc pairing, unless it 1) Doesn’t make sense and is OOC, 2) the art is traced.

Unfortunately, Akane qualifies as both.

Ike, the main character, is a dense brick who is about 700% focused on fighting for his friends. Plus, I doubt someone who views everyone as equals despite racial or national standing would fall in love with an arrogant, self-obsessed swordswoman who took on the title as ‘Queen’ all because that’s apparently ‘what other people named her’, and that ‘she deserved it more than Elincia did’. A good canon Ike would either a) friendzone the shit out of this cray lady or b) focus on the Goddamn war he’s fighting.

You can also tell that some of her work definitely traced off Visual Novels or lame shit hentai (nsfw tags), by looking at how drastically inconsistent her art is. Taking into consideration that all this art was made within a span of 2-3 months, there’s more than enough evidence to prove that her art has been heavily traced.





Comparing figures A to E, we have the almighty sword queen piercing the hearts of her people with her expandable ass size. If anyone questions the obvious, always say that it’s the mun playing around with size variation; we all need our fun, no matter how illogical or unrealistic.

Of course, we can’t leave a sue in the dirt and constantly poke holes at her, can we? We need to give a bit of help for the creator to fix this legendary train wreck of an original character, else we’ll just be branded as haters like the many other people who have tried to fix this OC. For agreeing to this, you’ll be branded as a hater, too, and there will be a fuckload of anons praising the Queen and claiming that they’ll bow to her wwwwww what the fuck is that shit

Say we’d let Akane retain her unparalelled strength to continuously slay innocents with her glowing sword that’s totally not blessed by Tellius’ Goddess (because that’s solely reserved for important characters only), then that illogical body (that has birthed two children) has to change up.

As far as I know, there’s only one character who has done a mountain’s worth of slaughter by his own hand, and it’s this guy right here.


This Red Lobster reject is strong enough to completely wipe out a nation’s elite forces by his lonefuckingsome, and let’s say Akane is about twice as more skilled as he is, because Walhart there could only manage one while the glorious queen could do two.

She needs to have his physique, won’t you agree?


There, all fixed… Physically, that is. We’ve yet to touch her background, whatever it was, because the blog itself is too cringeworthy to explore. I’ll leave that to anyone to fix, along with her art to gloriously redline.

To be honest, several people have tried to fix her character, and nothing could be done without an insane level of sacrifices. So, what do you think, my good ladies and gentlemen? Can you save this sue, or should we toss her down into the pit of shame?

P.s., RP-wise, this character is literally on to bang or outdo anything canon. Anything. She went so far as to bang Bowser once.

Yes, this Bowser; I wish I was joking, but she did. 

Ok so usually I don’t reblog, but I legitimately hate Akane on the same level of Fuu, and this was an excellent breakdown of everything wrong with her. And to be honest, I don’t hate most Sues (I can only think of like 5 I hate). So that’s saying something.


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Mod Mukuro has a personal favour for ya’ll while he works on some long-behind ask stuff on the sideblog. 

Warning for basic personal stuff that has nothing to do with MSFP whatsoever but Ace said I could ask here.

I’m in the U.S. (mainland), I’m twenty years old, and I have no fucking idea where to start to try to draw disability—or something similar???? 

Issues: Asperger’s (newly diagnosed, which is why it was never pursued in the past), all the fun stuff that comes with it. Severe anxiety, sound sensitivity, sensitive health condition, et cetera. I’ve tried to hold down a full-time job and it just didn’t work (I actually developed a stress-related health condition that’s lasted two years oooooops). I’m not sure I’m even capable of a part-time job, tbh, unless it’s not social at all, and I don’t think any job like that is available to me. Leeching off of (verbal, emotional, neglectful, and financially) abusive parents, literally no chance of getting out without some sort of assistance. Been down that road. Didn’t work.

My question: What assistance is available now that I know I have Asperger’s? Has anyone following had experience with drawing some sort of funding for a health and/or mental disability? All I can find on Google is Social Security. I really don’t want to draw unemployment because I want to try a part-time job as soon as I can, and when I’m in a household that makes lower middle-class money I don’t even think I’m eligible despite the fact that my goal is to leave? 

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Yet another hits the worst of the worst list. BUT DON’T WORRY. The author assures us she’s a bae.

(Art removed at artist’s request.)

So guess what! Mod Cherry (a former mod~) has come back for a guest review with me, Ace, for a Fairy Tail OC! Same format of our last co-op reviewCherry’s comments will be italicized, mine will be normal.

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So now that we know what Mukuro the roleplayer thinks, let’s go into the answer from Mukuro the MSFP mod. 

First of all, let me hammer something very well—to pair with a character, you need to know that character as well as you know your own OC. Make headcanons if you want. Think seriously about them and the implications of some of their life. Coming up from me is a review of an OC who sees ghosts and is paired with Mukuro—whose very basis is set in reincarnation. Talk about not thinking things through.

Take a look at this. It’s a really good look at those little connotations and implications of different canon events and trivias about Kyouya.

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This is going to be long as hell and my knowledge of LotR is shaky at best, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

There will be errors. There’s so much lore to dig through and interpret that I will definitely make mistakes here and there. I’m putting my trust into my LotR followers to correct me.

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I just realized I never finished that Lord of the Rings OC guide I wrote months ago…



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You know, some Mary Sues are so transparently awful and easy to review that I could just lean back and let this review write itself~

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This review was submitted to us, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of MarySueFacePalm mods.

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