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I may be wrong but I think a while back I think you did a bit on fanfictions including real people like PewDePie and Tobuscus etc. Well a friend of mine is a musician and kinda famous in the independent music scene and I accidentally came across a romance, self-insert fanfiction about him and oh sweet baby Jesus I have never been so creeped out in my life //cries It’s so cringy I didn’t know whether to laugh or slam the laptop shut.

Yep, we did do OCs for real people like the Cinema Snob and such. But oh jeez to find a fic about someone you know personally must be hilariously disturbing~

Did you show him?


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Reading that gave me a headache. Why was her first reaction to her mother dying like “Gee, guess I’ll become an assassin now!”?

Who hired her to kill Thranduil? That seems like a silly excuse to get her tied to a canon character for no reason.

Aaaand apparently the second half seems to imply she’s just as important, if not more important, to the plot as the Fellowship.

Must we really go on?

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WARNING: Steal her and you die.


Steal? You used a doll maker

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Y’know what’s more disappointing than seeing a Mary Sue? Seeing an OC with a really interesting concept and really poor execution…

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given my follower count and the number of days in a year its way more than reasonable to assume that it’s one of your birthdays today

happy birthday whoever you are

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lokhaleesi replied to your post: Can This Not Be a Thing?

also orcs reproduce asexually so…..yknow…the pale orc doesnt really have anything to diddle in the first place



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Guys can we just not do this? I’ve been looking through Hobbit OCs today and a reoccurring trend I’ve found is “kidnapped by the pale orc”.

I’m annoyed because this is OOC bullshit that the pale orc would never do. However, I’m more appalled by this trend spreading to The Hobbit fandom.

What is “this trend”? It’s the trend of OCs being kidnapped and turned into sex objects. Maybe just for ogling, maybe for more, but even at its most tame I find this cliche rather alarming. It speaks volumes to how inexperienced (usually young) female authors view themselves, their characters, and women in general. Are women prizes to be won? Merely bodies to be enjoyed? Objects to be acted upon but never take action? Of course not.

There are a lot of harmful cliches used by Mary Sue authors. Being treated as sex objects, passively being controlled by “loving” men under the guise of “doing what’s best”, and turning hostile towards other women who are viewed as merely “competition” (and often are reduced to one-note, catty monsters to foil the Mary Sue).

That is why I’ll never believe people when they say hating Mary Sues is sexist. And I know I’ve only scratched the surface of a huge controversial issue that is deeply linked to societal norms, but I just want my followers to know it’s not always true when people say “Mary Sues are good for women”.

But anyway, back to my original point. The pale orc is far too busy to bother kidnapping your OC and making her sing, wear sexy outfits, or diddle him. So stop.


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This review was submitted to us, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of MarySueFacePalm mods.

Just to be clear, this is a review made out of hatred for MSFP, and thus ends up being more hilarious than standard reviews ;) Enjoy~


To get one thing stright is that marysue mascot is Sue 
Her whole look is marysue! I mean she looks a rainbow that has goin wrong!
And she has moons on her leg,crown,and forehead…Ok if she has rainbow hair 
shouldnt she have like butterfly or something 
I really have no words but that so stuipd *faceplam) 

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So a 12 year old wrote a ‘review’ of your blog on Deviantart. Thought you should see, it’s pretty funnt

(Link removed)

LOL GUYS, we know, actually—as said before, xXDracoFT has spammed our inbox, saying they “reported us for harassment.” They’re friends of the Suethor who stole Kairina as “revenge” for a review from us.

It’s pretty fucking funny. They tried to review Kairina and went “HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW????” when they were told that Kairina’s a parody Sue.


As for the death threats, I made a post about this as soon as they started spamming our inbox.

We obviously have no contact with authors unless they come to us, but that doesn’t mean someone with a death wish isn’t masquerading as us. That said, we have no idea if someone’s actually harassing this person or whether it’s made up (personally, I think it’s made up just because they were told off for stealing Kairina after getting a bad review).




Ace and I sincerely appreciate that you guys are coming to bat for us—however, saying the same thing over and over to them isn’t going to help anything and will victimise them. We love that you’re all so willing to defend our maidenly honour, but there comes a point when you just have to let bygones be bygones. I sincerely doubt that anyone of import is taking this person seriously, and as such, we should not give them reason to be taken seriously by spamming their deviantArts.

Does that make sense?

So, basically, as long as they’re not harassing anyone else and are just making these stupid journals—please, just let them be. 

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them look at their reflection and see that they’re actually an ass.


P.S. I’m editing this in, I was glancing through their deviantArt. This person is in a shitload of trouble with a ton of dA artists, okay? It’s all over the blog. It’s even in their favs. Obviously they get their rocks off with stupid shit like this, and the more attention, the more they’ll do it.

Let the dA artists they went after handle them. Obviously no one is taking them fucking seriously, so why are they even a threat. Come on, now.

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Like, I’m talking My Immortal or My Inner Life bad.

I only know “legolas by laura”, and that’s really short.

So can anyone help a girl out?


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