I am going to have an aneurysm… omg.  


"Mist Eye" Chevalier Oliver

His title is literally Mist Eye Chivalrous Oliver. That or he’s a member of french nobility which makes NO sense for Fairy Tail. Or he’s in an order of knights… Either way, they all don’t make sense.

Name- Oliver Boulstridge 

Age- 2,539


WOAH! WOAH. woah. woah. woah. woah…


WHAT BS IS THIS!? How is he that old and look that young!? What are you doing! What-WHAT-WHAT are you doing!? He cannot be that age (and look that young). No.

Gender- Male

Father- Chromian de’Le Pret (adoptive)
Real father unknown

Mother- Sybille

Blood Type- Pure Vampiric

Partner- May & Josh



HE’S A GODDAMN VAMPIRE!? IN FAIRY TAIL! NO. THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!’;jwadfklnjmasldkfjmseljfe;wlrkjfledfldskfjlksejrf;kelwjrf’lewnrglvkewnf;lewijrflewkrjflekrjfle/wkdmfewlkfh’qlwkendvfk;elfh;kewlhftjq3wlkemf’wqlkvj’pq3ufrpk3nrfglkqejrvgj3qhp4ejqlwke3nf’qepojfr3;lemfle,qnv’pojrfp3oqfj;q’e3jp’qerjo!!! 


Bio- Abandoned by his father due to many reasons, Oliver was raised by the dragon Arcania.

What reasons!? Tell me right now! I want to know! What are the reasons  for his father abandoning him!? You can’t just say’ many reasons’. And why is a vampire being trained by a dragon? You are just setting this OC up to be more awful than it already is. 


After Arcania disappeared, he found his way to Fairy Tail. He keeps several dozen scrolls ex-quipped. His only inheritance from his dad is a coat, which is a full length red trench coat. A while ago, he was on a mission as an Elder to hunt down a rogue vampire.

I cannot stress enough about how much VAMPIRES ARE A NO-NO.

Instead of killing the vampire, he let him go. A few days later, there was news of a family slaughtered by that same rogue vampire. Oliver rushed to their home to find their son, Josh, as the only survivor. Ever since, he’s treated Josh like he was his own son.

And this Josh is okay with being ‘fathered’ by someone who prolly looks similar in age to him and with no questions at all? This is all TECHNICALLY OLIVER’S FAULT THAT YOU LOST YOUR FAMILY, JOSH!! 

After much reading, Oliver found out Josh is a dhampire, a half-vampire created from a vampire male mating with a human female. 



Josh is the prophesized future leader of the vampire race, who Recently, he became friends with May, an eksheed. She has been helping him for a while.

Goddamn kawaii Gary Stu future leaders of the vampires… SO DONE.



After he meets Chris, the two of them become friends. He has become friends with Leon and Lexion, and can even hold his own against Erza’s sword technique. He has a frienamy relationship with Glare.

Who’s Chris!? Who’s Leon (do you mean Lyon) and Lexion!? WHO’S GLARE?! AND WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT!?



Magic- Ying Yang Dragonslayer, Eyes of the Sages, True Darkness, and Mist Eye.


DONE. SO DONE. Ying Yang Dragon Slayer Magic? Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! YOU CAN’T EVEN EAT YIN-YANGS. And on top of that he has so BS called True Darkness and Mist Eye—WHATEVER THAT IS! 

Ying Yang Dragonslayer- A unique brand of Dragonslayer magic, taught to Oliver by Arcania. This is a very powerful magic, but it’s also carries a great burden. 

I can tell you right now that all of this is BS and goes far beyond breaking my suspension of disbelief. 


Of course Oliver has to be a vampire and on top of that have a ‘very powerful’ dragon slayer magic that’s oh-so UNIQUE and such a HUGE BURDEN. 

When one uses too much of the Darkness, considered corruption, that person’s body is slowly flooded with corruption. When Oliver uses too much of this Darkness, he goes mad from the corruption, not being able to control his own actions.


Yay for going berserk and being given an excuse to go bat-shit insane and powerful. WONDERFUL. I seriously just can’t take stuff like this and especially in Fairy Tail. What’s worse is that this Dragon Slayer magic doesn’t even begin to make sense as being Dragon Slayer magic.

Not to mention, the concept of Yin Yang is all about balance, so being overcome by darkness at times doesn’t even make sense for a yin yang based power.


Why does everyone have to make an OC with Dragon Slayer magic? Please, don’t and leave all that to canon charaters. This is just such taboo territory anyway. If you want to make one then pick an element or something that AT LEAST makes sense. 

This corruption can only be flooded out with holy energy, the Light part of this. The opposite is true of the Light, representing all that is good and holy in a person. If he uses too much of the Light, he regards those with corruption as his enemies, attacking them even if they’re his friends and allies.

Again, this is way too ridiculous  He losses it on both ends and it sounds like a huge awful lot of nonsense. I can’t even… Why would anyone want to even team up with him or have them on their side if he and his power is this unstable?

This power represents an eternal struggle within a person, with corruption and what’s good. A person cannot have too much of either, but must rather have a balance.

Basically what Ying and Yang is… And how he has such a struggle with it. 

Yo-yo’ing between extremely corrupt evil and extremely lawful good does not represent the struggles of a person, nor does it accurately represent the concept behind Yin Yang. If anything, it’s the complete opposite of what Yin Yang is about.


Omg, I wonder if this makes him angsty? Having eternal struggles within himself, being a vampire and abandoned~


True Darkness- This acts rather as a blade of shadow, cutting through iron as if it was paper. It is very powerful, but if he uses this power too much, it will lead to the weakening of the seal, eventually releasing Orochi. He prefers not to use this, as even though it is very powerful, it can’t really differentiate between friend and foe.


Oh look! ANOTHER POWERFUL MAGIC that he has! Kawaii. This person is obviously trying to give his powers flaws, but it is just NOT WORKING. It’s making him a bigger and bigger Gary Stu each time. This just reminds me of Naruto and fucking Kyuubi…

Mist Eye- This is a rather strange power, not technically classified as magic. This eye was an eye that is both a burden and a power. This eye is a both a curse and a blessing. 

It is so obvious that he is over-powered it’s not even funny. I am no longer laughing (more like pfffting and then raging actually) and instead getting a giant headache.

I am so done with his collection of extremely powerful “burdens”

- Ace

Honey, every power/ ability/ magic you have given him IS WRITTEN AS A BURDEN AND A CURSE. He should be rolling in angst.. And now this isn’t even magic!? This is Fairy Tail!! I could already tell you were in the wrong series when you stated Oliver was a vampire!

The Mist Eye is a curse that is of the highest order. Very few people can curse others with this. The curse in a nutshell is a very evil curse, which is also a power.

Excuse me? How is this curse 'OF THE HIGHEST ORDER'? When did Fairy Tail start listing off which curses where worse? And when did they give so many willy-nilly to people!? 



A High Class Vampire had cursed him with this, and the Mist Eye was thus formed. Most of the time, it’s in its unawakened state, at level 1. The levels are visible in kanji in his left eye.

This kanji BS just reminds me of Mukuro from KHR… And Oh, yay another vampire

If he uses it, demonic energy slowly builds up in the eye, making the number increase. The more he uses the power, the stronger the illusions get, until at level 8, the illusion are so life-like, it’s nearly impossible to tell form reality.

Oh, great! Illusions and the eye is called the Mist Eye like how in KHR they have Mist Flames that create illusions. It’s such a coincidence that he has kanji in his eye like Mukuro isn’t it?


However, at level 10, the eye takes control of him, turning him into a demon. He’d rather avoid that fate, so he’s restricted use of his power ever since he’s got cursed.

It’s a CURSE! I don’t really see how he gets any control AT ALL.

 Eyes of the Sages-A hereditary power, this can only be acquired through either taking someone’s eyes or having inherited this power.


THE POWERS NEED TO STOP. God, this one is even hereditary! Will you never cease is finding dumbass ways to make him powerful!?

Only three bloodlines have this power. If you inherit this, it takes barely any magic power to use, but those that steal this power have to spend a considerable amount of magic to use this power.

Yay!! A power he can use with virtually NO EFFORT! FANTASTIC!

Eyes of the Sages allow the user to predict things, but not all futures can be seen clearly. When telling the future to others, the user can experience immense pain and suffering. Also, the user can recognize spells immediately, and can see through things with a little concentration. 

Do you like breaking my brain? This power is not even a magic either I’m sure! WHY ARE YOU IN FAIRY TAIL OR EVEN EXIST AT ALL!? This is just way too powerful and way to—NO! Now Oliver can see into the future AND recognize spells automatically! INGENUES! 


This OC has so much wrong with it I have just given up on trying to explain why you can do certain things. 

Personality-Oliver is bright most of the times, but when his friends are threatened, his darker personality appears.

Most in-depth personality created ever. A+, asshole. 

Bad Habit- He’s often quite lazy, and doesn’t really do anything. However, when he REALLY wants to do something, there’s usually no way to stop him from doing that.



Skills- Oliver is a skilled cook, having spent time learning how to cook from professionals. He can also create potions, and sometimes uses them in his cooking. He is a qualified falconer, and does some sports in his spare time. Oliver can play the guitar pretty well, and also sings.

I’m sure you have all the time in the world to learn all these necessary skills when you are more than 2000 years old~ Brilliant. He needs to be a great cook, qualified falconer, jock, guitar player, and singer while being a kawaii desu vampire. 

Weaknesses- He has a very strong aversion to sunlight, even though he isn’t killed by it.



He’s weakened, he won’t die. Also, he will die if a stake of hawthorn is stabbed through his heart, since hawthorn is his destined weakness. He also cannot STAND transportation, getting sick the instant he’s on a vehicle.

He has virtually one weakness that is so obscure when would it ever really come into play. You’d need some vampire slayer that’s super intelligent and equally insanely powerful as Oliver.


The only other weakness is one that plagues all Dragon Slayers, but Oliver shouldn’t even be in the Fairy Tail fandom so I don’t even count that. 

Favorite Food- A tossup between marshmallows and grapes.

Favorite Drink- Sake

You are a vampire Oliver! It should be blood or something!!

Pet Peeves- Doesn’t like eating meat, has a drinking problem, doesn’t like it when people get hurt around him or because of him.


These aren’t even what peeves are! This is just a list of dislikes! Look up ‘pet peeves’ in the dictionary or something please! And he is a vampire! Meat is bloody so he should like it. Or is he some kawaii vegan vampire full of BS and sparkles?

Favorite Place- The top of the Church Tower. He has spent many nights gazing at the stars from this location

Your vampire logic just pisses me off so bad. Dracula needs to slap a bitch. Honestly, he is the BIGGEST Gary Stu I have ever seen… EVER.


Quote-“Do not live life easy, for you will not be living.”

You are a vampire so you live forever so STFU, Oliver.


Well, I’m going to go to the emergency room because of this Stu. See you guys! 



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