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Hello there all, we are the two newest mods here on marysuefacepalm, Pollux and Castor. To start off our beginning here we decided to do a Fairy Tail OC. We are Canadian, I apologize for the apologies ahead of time. 

Castor is going to be writing in Italics, while I will be normal.


This is going to be fun.



Name: Lydia StarGazer
Nickname: Lydia, Dia, Star
Alias: The Shining One, The Golden Goddess

Hold up, The Golden Goddess? What the fuck is this shit! -Insert kawaii sparkles here-

What… what…. what is this? Since when is there a GODDESS in Fairy Tail? No.


Age: 17-19 [Seventeen - Nineteen, since she was stuck in the fairy sphere with the others, so she did not age]
Birthday: 11th Midsummer
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Of freaking course, she somehow jumped on the bandwagon and went to Tenroujima. Woo hoo lets just bring everyone to the S class test, cause you know only a few weren’t chosen or anything.

No, of course it totally makes sense that everyone and their mothers was allowed to go. Like, seriously guys, my grandma went. Really, though… she wasn’t there… just stop… stop.


Hair Colour/Style: Black, long cascading down her back, same length and cut as Lucy’s but an inch longer.
Eye Colour: Golden
Skin Colour/Tone: Pale/Tan
Body type/Build: Slender, with curves in the right places. Her breast size is around D size or DD.
Height: 5’7” or 5’8”
Weight: 47kg (103 lbs)

How, just how the heck are you pale AND tan? That makes absolutely no sense at all! 5’7 or 5’8 and only 103 pounds?! DOES SHE NOT EAT! Just … no…. just just ….. no. Her boobs are double D?! How the hell does she not break her back with how little weight she has! Is like half the weight her tits?!

See… I’m picturing, like… tan on one side, pale on the other, or stripes… as for her weight… just… did she take out her internal organs?



Lydia is well very random. Meaning she can be one mood then the next another. It depends on who she hangs with that determines what she is like and what she does. But other then that she is, Kind and caring, friendly to new people, though she can be shy at times. Cheeky when she opens up to people, supportive to friends and guild mates, clueless to the advances of man trying to ‘woo’ her, mostly because she would have no idea on what they are trying to do, unless they actually used words and told her that they like her in ‘that’ way.  Lydia will speak her mind a lot, and sometimes she does speak without thinking.

Shy but speaks her mind? Perfect sense making right there. Her personality contradicts itself quite a bit in the first paragraph. Can’t freaking wait to see the rest. Not.

One mood to the next. Great, another bipolar character, just what we all want.


Besides from that, she is intelligent, she knows what is right and what is wrong. Though sometimes she does the wrong thing, when she really shouldn’t. Protective of her friends and guild mates, she won’t let anyone hurt them. She does have a Temper on her, so if you get on her bad side, watch out since she can get scary like Ezra. Get’s really embarrassed when guys hit on her and she knows what they are trying to do, she will go red in the face and go all silent not being able to speak. If the mood is right she can joke about with people, and is some-what pervy, since most the time if she sees one of the guys whom she likes she sometimes does get perverted thoughts.

How the bloody hell do you get “Some-what pervy” when you get REALLY embarrassed when a guy HITS ON YOU! First shes shy, has mood swings now she has a temper and of course will “protect her friends no matter what”. Stick. To. One. Thing.

Scary like Erza? Yet shy… that doesn’t work. It will never work. Her personality has so many loop holes it could be a roller coaster. If she’s pervy, she shouldn’t get all red in the face and unable to speak, she should be able to flirt back with even more vigor— you’re trying to mix personality types that are on two ends of a spectrum, and it just does. Not. Work.


Lydia can be childish at times, with the pouting and giving cute teary eyes, when she doesn’t get her own way. Is innocent, to the point that is a guy tries to suggest anything that seems ‘wrong’ in Lydia’s eyes she would get overly embarrassed and run off.

Lydia is not a morning person, she won’t speak to anyone until she has had a nice warm shower and a cup of Coffee, then after she is done, she will be all fine to speak with, DO NOT Try to speak to her during that time of her waking up, You have been warned!

Besides from that, she does some things what others consider ‘inappropriate’ since sometimes, when she wakes up, she forgets to put a robe on, and forgets others are there. So she can be seen walking about in her underwear or a see through nighty at most times.

But despite of all that, Lydia is random in her moods and Personality. You never know what she will do or how she will react. Just don’t try to wake her up or talk to her when she has woken up.

The girl, who gets embarrassed by a man FLIRTING WITH HER will walk around in her underwear in front of people? What kind of bull pucky is this? She just said in the sentence above that if someone SUGGESTS something wrong she will run off? What? WHAT? At least there’s one thing right there that she is random in her moods. I would put it more like she has a multiple personality order though.

So… so wait, if someone mentions something she finds inappropriate… she runs away, but it’s a-okay for her to run around wearing absolutely nothing without her giving a damn? I’m about to get into a kerfuffle over this—- just, WHAT?!


Clothing Style

Normal Wear: Long Sleeveless jacket, Black, with gold trimmings. Black Strapless Bra[Boob tube],

Boob tube? Really could you simply have not made it a little less slutty and call it a tube top? Seriously, you are not helping your case here one bit.

Short Black Skirt could be counted as a mini skirt.

If it can be counted as a mini skirt, Its a mini skirt.

I’d like to see how someone does a non-mini mini skirt.

Black knee length boots, sometimes can be just plain black boots. Sometimes wear a tank top over the boob tube. Can be seen wearing a Scarf [Most likely she took Natsu’s Scarf and wore it]

Or she can be seen wearing more often this outfit: -put in later-

Sometimes can be wearing a Kimono, which white with purple flower patterns on it.

Natsu would not let you touch his scarf let alone wear it! Man, put in later sounds like a great outfit can’t wait to wear that put in later. Okay, she goes from super slutty to, I-am-so-kawaii-wearing-my-kimono.

"Put in later" makes me think of the Emperor’s New Clothes. I’m now picturing this OC as a nudist. Burn my brain, please. So, she’s a shy slut who has sudden mood swings and is suddenly super kawaii-desu-ne. Fuck this.


Night Wear: Sometimes just sleeps in her underwear, but mostly sleeps in a long baggy shirt.

Winter Wear: Long Black and white fur cloak, which covers a Dark purple long sleeved shirt, Dark blue Jeans, Black leather boots. Can sometimes be seen wearing a mink hat, and gloves. Or seen without her cloak on. Can also be wearing a Scarf.

Formal Wear: Long Sleek dress, with a ‘V’ line at the front which shows her curves to advantage. Black High Heels, but not the real high ones. Hair up in a twist.

Other: Wears different coloured Bikini’s whenever she can. Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Green, Gold, Black with gold trimming, Black and White.

Finally something normal.

Thank. God.


Personal Information

Likes:  Natsu, Jellal, Zeref, Sweets, cooking, Prei, Fairy Tail, Sting, Rogue. Strawberry Sundae.

Oh great, I see a great big huge love octagon in the future. How do you even come to know Zeref AND Jellal? 

Zeref… ZEREF? No. This just does not compute.


Dislikes: Bossy People[That aren’t her], Dark Guilds, people who use rank to gain things for themselves. And Prei when he is being pervy. And Other things.

Favourite Foods: Strawberry Sundae, Chicken, Cookies, Pizza.
Favourite Drinks: Coke Cola, Coffee, Sake. Orange Juice.

You are very much a conceded little one aren’t you? Does she mean Coca cola? Really? Where the hell are you going to get a coca cola in that time era. Just hold on a second while I walk into my everyday 7/11 and grab myself a bottle of coke guys.

I can’t even.


Social Information/Personal Status

Status: Alive
Counterpart: Lydia Drache
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friends: Natsu, Lucy, Ezra, Prei, Happy, Wendy. Anyone in her Guild or in Fairy Tail [If you would like your OC to be friends with my OC Note me. :3 ]
Rivals:…None yet
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No One yet.

I’ll keep my OC to myself she does not need to know you. Her head might explode if she meets you.

Does she have to be alive?

Love Interests

Hold onto your hats this girl has a lot.


She had a crush on him, but now sees him as a Brother like figure. She has turned into wanting to see Natsu with Lucy


 You actually like a canon pairing? Why is he still in love interests then?

Jellal “Mystogan”
She met him randomly one time, since his sleep magic didn’t work on her, so after that she hanged with him and things happened. She adores him.

Jellal and Mystogan are not the same person a herp a derp. If his sleep magic didn’t work on her once you think she would have realized that. Things happened? What the heck do you mean things happened? Did they fly off into never land on fluffy unicorns? 

She already adores him..? How long did “things happen” for? Goddamn what went down between them?! Erza can’t even resist his sleep magic, even Makarov has some issue with it, so why doesn’t it affect her?


From hearing stories about him, and seeing him once. Though she doesn’t let anyone know that, since this interest is a Secret.

I HEARD ABOUT YOU AND NOW I AM IN LOVE! That. is. not. how. love. works. How did you even meet him once? He avoids contact with people!

No. You cannot pair with Zeref, it does not work. His magic spontaneously kills everything within a certain perimeter. And she hasn’t even met him! Where the hell did she see him? All the stories about him are negative! Everyone is scared of him! What type of stories did she hear?!


Well, she liked him when she first laid eyes on him. Even though he came off as a complete jerk to her, she seems to be attracted to the ‘bad boy’ type or something near there. Has a Love-hate relationship with him

Liked him, but since she likes Sting more, only thinks of Rogue as a friend.

Love at first site bull crap. Keep hating her Sting, just keep hating her!

More instant love? Oh, and she friend-zoned Rogue, that lucky dog!

Well, this was love at first sight. Even though he annoys the crap out of her with all his ‘charming’ talks. He has Charmed her a tad, that she is Open minded about him and counts him as a friend. She has no idea Zylous is in fact Prei’s true form.

Quincy Parker
She is begining to get a small crush on him, but wants to get to know him more.

Hold on just a second here. She had so many love at first sites, what is she a love struck puppy? Wait Prei? I am pretty sure in one of her other descriptions that Prei is the little dragon she is holding. I.Can’t. Even.Comprehend. This.

Great, more love at first sight… but yet he’s only charmed her a tad? And wait, he’s the true form of her little dragon…


- Pollux and Castor

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